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About me

Who am I?


I am terrible at talking about myself, probably because at many times I don’t have a very clear image of who I am. I guess that’s partly why I love the saying ‘Life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself’.

I love tattoos, butterflies, reading, singing, writing, traveling, quotes. I hate injustices. I guess that’s partly why I started this blog. Because I hate injustice and unfair stigma that exists related to mental health problems, and because I am an idealist and I have the innocent belief that it is possible to change the world, somehow.
I am 22, finishing my uni work at distance at the moment. I am also currently in a 24 hour facility center, because sometimes we all need that extra help.

I suffer BPD and NPD and I am currently struggling against depression and self-harm. I have also had issues with body image and eating disorders.

To know more about me read my first post.
Peace and love to all of you. Hold on. You can do it. We can all be happy in this world. I don’t know you, but if you’re here and you’ve read all this, you should know that you’re amazing. Feel free to send me a message to . Much love 

About the blog:


  1. Hi,

    I have today awarded you The Very Inspiring Blogger Award and you can read about this award to you (and others) by visiting my post here:

    Mindful that some folk find the whole reward receiving process challenging, I hope that this is ok and that you will accept this award in the spirit that it is given and will not feel under any pressure as a result of it.

    Kind regards and God bless you.

    1. Oh wow I honestly just saw this. I am so sorry but around that time was when I was at my worst this year and I got accepted at the hospital. I'm sorry for seeming like I ignored it and I'm so honored for this! Thank you Kevin!


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